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These are my active independent and collaborative research, restoration and outreach projects.

Soaking It In: Species-Specific Effects of Anthropogenic Nutrient Enrichment on Caribbean Coral Reef Sponges

Florida State University Department of Biological Science Doctoral Dissertation Project

Major Professor: Janie Wulff, PhD


Development of Coral Reef Sponge Restoration Techniques in the Florida Keys

Collaboration with Islamorada Conservation and Education Restoration non-profit organization (I.CARE)

I.CARE Co-Founders: Kylie Smith, PhD and Mike Goldberg

Photo credit: Tiffany Duong


Filtering through our methodologies: A comparison of techniques for documenting tropical marine sponges

Collaborative project to assess the strengths and limitations of various methods used to document populations of tropical marine sponges. 

Mentor and Collaborator: Dr. Janie Wulff


Reefbites Blog

I serve as the Blog Post Coordinator for the International Coral Reef Society's Student and Early Career Chapter blog

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